Bakery Girl

A fresh new modern romantic comedy for the modern romantic and comedically modern human! Meet Bonnie Beenbaken, a sweet-as-frosting gal tumbling through the Big City as she deals with her boss from hell, James Bossman, and falls in love… with her boss from hell?! With help from her ever-resourceful best pal, Dougie, and her Professional Poker Player Ex-Boyfriend and Bossman’s Assistant along for the ride, join Bonnie for the best day of her life! This modern tale will have you hopin’ ‘n’ wishin’ ‘n’ fallin’ in love with Love & Frosting.

Merde Mystère

In the cold, dark world of downtown Toronto, the cats of 60th street discover the unthinkable. It’s every cat for themselves racing to uncover the dreaded deficator before their bubble bath privileges are lost forever. Created, shot & starring professional funny people Jon Blair, Xe Gi, Jana Gillis, Adrian Kieda & Griffin Toplitsky.

Starhammer 2020

In 2019,  the Earth caught fire...society imploded...Saskatoon went underwater...Vancouver, for the most part, was exploration technology ramped up exponentially...humanity fled our old planet...

The 2020. Our ship...Starhammer! 

The Illuminati

For centuries the Illuminati has operated in secret, controlling the world through political corruption, violence, and witchcraft.

Until now!

The small Etobicoke chapter of Illuminati has opened their doors to a camera crew to see the inner-workings of the famed cult including group meetings, film discussions, and human sacrifices

You Were Great

What happens after the stage lights dim, the curtain drops, and the audience departs? Five performers do everything in their power to make an audience laugh. And then, they go home. Starring Gordon Neill, Hana Holubec, Jason Goldberg, Noemi Salamon, Rabiya Mansoor.


DeCourcy - Hill - Mongiardi - Paolucci - Twomey. Free agent comedy superstars united onto one team - the Screened in Sixty Sports team. Let's see how they score!

Jury's Out

An open and shut case gets complicated as the jury defends the defendant.

Barry From IT

A hellbound mass murderer and IT help desk administrator returns to earth to quench his thirst for killing, only to confront loneliness – the greatest horror of all. 

The Real Boy

Growing up is never easy. And when you live in a fantasy world, it’s even-never-easy-er. Tim remembers what it was like growing up a little weird, and you know what? He liked it. Mostly. He’s happy he didn’t live a normal childhood.

Created by Chili Davidson, Dylan Hamilton, Marko Bezić, Ross Hammond and Trevor Tranter.

Road Trip

When Stephen’s nana dies, he rallies a ragtag team of misfits - a.k.a. his best friends - to help him deliver her cremated remains to their final resting place. An epic road trip from Scarborough, Ontario to Lethbridge, Alberta… but will they even make it out of the driveway?


Chris is a good guy. So why does everything in his path turn out to be tainted? Could one person cause all of this fear and discomfort? Could Chris be the worst person on the planet? Time to find out.

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